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Our weekly meetings follow a srtict format as laid down by BNI International.

This enables us to efficiently get though our meetings and give all attendees the opportunity of promoting their business.



7:00 Open Networking: First part of the meeting

7:15 Welcome Visitors: Second part of the meeting

Introduce Leadership Team

7:16 Purpose and overview of BNI: 5 minute speaker/President.

7:17 Networking Education

* On the First meeting of the month we award the BNI leaders. These are the individual that have passed the most referrals and brought the most visitors. *

7:20 Pass around the Business Card Box.

Visitors please note that it is a privilege of the members to place their business cards in the box. Please feel free to take which ever ones you think will help you in your business. Please also make a note of those members that you like to hand your business card over to at the end of the meeting. 

7:23 Welcome of New Members to the chapter

7:25 Thirty Seconds

Your thirty seconds slot is the chance to tell us more about your business. Members go first in order to give visitors an idea on what to do during your thirty seconds. Once all the members have had their turn you will be asked to stand and do your own thirty seconds. Please do not forget to include your name, the name of your company and what you are able to offer. 

7:45 Vice President’s Report

7:47 Membership Committee Report

7:49 Secretary/Treasurer:

Speakers For The Next 4 Weeks 

Introduce This Week's Speaker using The Bio-Sheet.

7:50 2 x 5Minute Presentations. 

8:15 ‘I have…’–Be positive! Give referral, or testimonial.

8:25 Referral Reality Check 

8:28 Announcements

8:29 Door Prize Drawings

8:45 Close Meeting.


Visitors meet for a short time to meet with the Visitor Host for the brief orientation. Once this has ended,they are free to chat to the members that they think will benefit their business. 



Join the BNI Professionals Chapter and start reaping the rewards!

BNI has been a great investment to my business. My only marketing is BNI.
The relationships that I have made with my fellow members are outstanding.
The referrals that are given really work and repeat business is almost assured to follow.

David Louw

I recommend it to anyone who is growing their customer base and looking for more business.

I had just opened my retail shop when I joined BNI, The Professionals Chapter. It was the best thing I could do to get word of mouth advertising for my business out there. Three years on, and BNI has and still is the best marketing tool for my business, having networked with some of the most prominent and professional business people this side of the Umgeni River.

Jason Sanders

BNI Training

corporate-trainingBecome a Networking Pro!
BNI believes in ongoing training of its members, assisting and growing the member's networking skills and success. Growing your business through effective networking is BNI's ultimate goal.

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